Quiz: Find Your Winter Boyfriend

Curl up by the fire this winter with a lovable winter guy, then ditch him like a bad habit when the snow melts. Will it be an Arctic fox, ptarmigan, ermine, snow leopard, pallas cat, or polar bear cub?

  1. 1. What’s your favorite winter sport?

    1. Skiing

    2. Snowboarding

    3. Drinking

    1. Netflixing

    2. Sledding

    3. Luge

  2. 2. What’s most important to you in a guy?

    1. Nice eyes

    2. Big muscles

    3. Intelligence

    1. Sense of humor

    2. Similar taste in music

    3. Good in bed

  3. 3. What kind of wintery snack do you reach for?

    1. Roasted chestnuts

    2. Parmesan Goldfish

    3. Mac & Cheese

    1. Chicken Noodle Soup

    2. Cheetos

    3. Sushi

  4. 4. What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

    1. Cheddar

    2. Gryuere

    3. Brie

    1. Bleu

    2. Manchego

    3. Easy Cheese

  5. 5. Which One Direction member is your ideal boyfriend?

    1. Liam

    2. Harry

    3. Niall

    1. Zayn

    2. Louis

    3. Carrot

  6. 6. Who was your summer boyfriend?

    1. A dolphin

    2. A shark

    3. A toucan

    1. Harry Styles

    2. Sun Bear

    3. Guy Fieri

  7. 7. What drink to you warm up with?

    1. Hot Cocoa

    2. Pour-over Coffee

    3. Hot Toddy

    1. Coors Light

    2. Brandy

    3. Mulled Wine

  8. 8. Which picture of Guy Fieri do you find most sensual?

Quiz: Find Your Winter Boyfriend

  1. You got:

    Pallas cat

    This fluffernutter comes from central Asia. He’s a cat, so he likes napping in sunbeams, chasing bugs, and gnawing on loose carpet strings, and sleeping on your face. You’re a cat person, so you won’t mind.

  2. You got:

    Arctic Fox

    This big white cottonball of fur and moxy will keep you giggling when you pals around under the covers on a chilly Sunday morning. He’s a stone cold fox, but be warned: when spring comes his fluffy white coat turns brown again.

  3. You got:

    Snow Leopard

    This winter boyfriend loves reading hardcovers without the dustjacket by the fire and lecturing you about red wine. He’s got the fluffiest big tail, but he’s also the strong silent type. You’ll spend February buzzed on Cabernet and then realize by April you’re sick of him.

  4. You got:


    He’s cute as a button, and his fur is heavenly soft. But he’s a sneaky little fella, and while he loves hot cocoa, he’ll steal the marshmallows before you get a chance to put them in.

  5. You got:

    Polar Bear Cub

    Your winter boyfriend is completely adorable, and you’ll be head over heels for him at first. But then you realize he’s really immature. Plus, he ALWAYS just wants to order salmon sashimi from Seamless for dinner.

  6. You got:


    Your winter boyfriend isn’t exactly what you expected, and your friends are really confused about why you’re hanging around him. Your ptarmigan boyfriend is always telling you weird crazy stories about life in the Arctic tundra and cracking you up. But when spring comes around, he changes colors back to brown, and starts talking about migrating. You come to your senses; he was just too flighty.


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November 27, 2015
Quiz: Find Your Winter Boyfriend

Quiz: Find Your Winter Boyfriend

Curl up by the fire this winter with a lovable winter guy, then ditch him like a bad habit when the snow melts. Will it be […]
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