Community Post: 52 Reasons Harry Styles Is The Magical Unicorn We All Need

1. Do you feel like you just drank a bunch of cough syrup? Don’t worry, that’s just Harry being Harry.

2. Did you just say something stupid? Because Harry is ready to throw shade.

3. Oh, sorry, I fainted and died. But back to work!

4. His smile has been known to cure leprosy…

5. Again… I just…

6. Harry cannot and will not look like he’s thinking of something other than sex.

7. He’s clearly looking at Louis, the love of his life, aka the only person you would accept Harry choosing over you.


9. Man will kiss away that booboo.

10. He makes me want to be a goddamn pillow for the rest of my life.

11. I’m going to trust Louis and believe Harry is keeping that situation tight.

12. The hat. The man to man tongue. I mean, I’m hospitalized.

13. I’d be jealous and homicidal if the love wasn’t so beautiful.

14. Maybe it’s for the better because I would literally melt if he looked at me like that.

15. But basically the Harry/Louis thing is awe-inspiring because they literally care 0% about being called gay.

16. Sometimes, because of your mind-blowing greatness, you have to be hard on yourself.


18. My apologies, did Harry in a white t-shirt make you spontaneously pregnant?

19. Here is a man who gets EXCITED about things! You know you’re over being too cool for school.

20. His dance moves. Have ballet companies called this hero yet?

21. I mean, I honestly don’t even care what’s happening here.

22. I feel like my soul was consumed by angels and then recreated in their stomachs as a better soul.

24. He’s the kind of man who will put on some Jewel and LISTEN to you.

25. My bad, was I supposed to write something?

26. OK good, he feels the same way. Just checking.

27. Like, I would destroy my life to marry him.

28. Hold on I died and was brought back to life…

29. Let Harry get you in the holiday spirit!

30. Since he is the President Of Perfect (OMG IS THAT WHAT ‘POP’ STANDS FOR) this means a lot.

31. Do not stare too long at the tattoos. It is so unfair that he has tattoos.

32. Am I supposed to not have feelings about this?

33. He’s not afraid to be the ham we all need.

34. I do now, you perfect male specimen.

I do now, you perfect male specimen.

35. Anyone who survives seeing this GIF is a wizard or sorcerer or witch or AJHDHADKHOX

36. Harry gets that sexuality is fluid.

37. That’s two of Harry. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PROCESS THAT?!?!

November 5, 2015
Community Post: 52 Reasons Harry Styles Is The Magical Unicorn We All Need

Community Post: 52 Reasons Harry Styles Is The Magical Unicorn We All Need

1. Do you feel like you just drank a bunch of cough syrup? Don’t worry, that’s just Harry being Harry. View this image › 2. […]
November 5, 2015
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November 5, 2015
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November 5, 2015
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