Community Post: 30 Ridiculously Retweeted Celebrity Tweets

1. Justin greets you. The least you can do is retweet that sh*t.

2. In another language? 106K retweets.

3. Justin reminding us he’s Big Brother…he’s always watching.

(I wonder if he’s read 1984.)

4. Ok, this is starting to get a little creepy…

Am I the only one who’s feeling the Twilight undertones?

5. Do the 77,000 retweets somehow imply that 77,000 people are willing to make Bieber pasta? If so, where can I sign up to be Justin Bieber?

6. When I tweet-complain about my 7 hour round bus trip days from Sydney to Canberra, I’m usually ignored. Or, even worse, unfollowed. 50,000 retweets?!? Show me your ways!

7. The Biebs loves monkeys…and, apparently, so do 100,000 other people. Oh, how Twitter brings us all together through common interests.

(Okay, I promise that was the last Bieber-related tweet. Although, I could go on forever. That guy is like a retweet magnet.)

8. The exact moment Amanda Bynes’ life changed. For the better, apparently. Or so she had us believe.

9. So. Deep.

10. This classic tweet. AKA the moment every person-who-grew-up-on-The-Amanda-Show’s childhood was officially and absolutely ruined.

11. And when Amanda started using Twitter as her daily planner, and 1,500 tweeple kept her on track.

12. Well, do they?

13. 50 on grandmotherly bonding.

14. Awww, what a gentleman! (And 7,000 people agree.)

15. When Mr Payne reached out to his stans in the snake habi-tat via a couple tweets.

16. When the Queen only had to say one word and everyone just knew.

17. When Ariana Grande came up with the solution to all the world’s problems. Ariana for President.

And when she tweeted the box that really touched a couple people…or 8,000.

(Yes, I’m aware it’s an emoji. I don’t live under a rock…although, sometimes, I wish I did.)

18. When Taylor Swift made a joke about herself and it was awesome, and she kinda deserves all the awards.

19. Because sharing is caring.

20. He really does have a lot of love to give. How endearing.

21. When Rihanna said it how it is and everyone started freaking out because it had to be about Chris Brown.

22. I’m adding this to the list just because.

*Yes, I’m still very excited. uaislgjkdfgmiusadffsk*

23. When comedian Jenny Johnson’s tweet got more retweets than the Kim K tweet she was retweeting. Retweeption.

24. Or when Kim K was in need of a tan. Bad. Help a sista out, retweet.

25. Okay, understandable.

26. When Demi Lovato was awesome and 100,000 people agreed.

27. And when the Obamas almost, like, broke the Internet or something with this celebratory pic that racked up a whopping 700K+ retweets!

28. And these tweets that were featured on Jimmy Fallon.

(Confused? Here – have some context.)

29. And Misha Collins. Because he’s Misha Collins.

(Petition to clone Misha Collins and make him the national currency.)

30. And, of course, …




She’s just being Miley.

EXTRA: celebrity tweets that should have gotten more retweets.

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November 25, 2015
Community Post: 30 Ridiculously Retweeted Celebrity Tweets

Community Post: 30 Ridiculously Retweeted Celebrity Tweets

1. Justin greets you. The least you can do is retweet that sh*t. View this image › Via Twitter: @justinbieber 2. In another language? 106K retweets. […]
November 25, 2015
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Sam Jackson Wallet

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