Community Post: The Perils Of Unemployment As Told By Leslie Knope Gifs

1. You find out you’re losing your job, and you feel lost

2. You call on your friends for support

3. You spend a few days binging on comfort food

4. You come across an opening for your dream job

5. They call you in for an interview, and you can’t believe it

6. You pick out your interview clothes

7. And get yourself psyched up

8. When you get there, there are 20 other people interviewing

9. And they all seem more qualified than you

10. But you keep your cool, because this is your dream job

11. You nail the interview, and barely had to lie at all

12. A week goes by, and you don’t hear anything

13. But finally, just as you’d given up, you find out you got it

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