20 Bits Of Trivia You May Not Know About “Scrubs”

1. The part of J.D. was almost played by Michael Muhney (Veronica Mars), but producers decided he wasn’t quirky enough.

2. Sacred Heart hospital was named after a school that writer Bill Lawrence’s wife, Christa Miller (Jordan), attended.


3. The producers leased the North Hollywood Medical Center to shoot the show and used the vacant floors as production offices.

The hospital was demolished in 2011.

4. When the show was broadcasted in Spanish, Carla’s Spanish subtitles were switched to Italian.

5. Ted’s band in the show, The Worthless Peons, is Sam Lloyd’s band in real life, The Blanks, which he and his bandmates formed in college.

Check them cover pop songs from 2011 here:

(With a special appearance by The Todd).

6. Dr. Cox’s full name is Percival Ulysses Cox.

7. Only when the narration switches from J.D.’s internal monologue to another character’s does an episode title start with a word other than “My.”


8. Convinced the show would be cancelled after the first season, the writers never allowed the Janitor to interact with a character other than J.D. so that they could reveal he was a figment of the young doctor’s imagination in the final episode.

9. After it was certain the show would live to see more seasons, the writers made the Janitor a main character but never had to write lines for him because Neil Flynn was such an amazing improvisor.

10. The stunt doubles who took the bungee jump for J.D. and Elliot in the second season met that day and eventually got married.

11. Bill Lawrence said he wanted Scrubs to read like a live-action Simpsons not only in style of humor, but with high-profile cameos and an ever-growing cast of characters.

12. Two of the medical advisers on the show, Dr. Jonathan Doris and Dr. Jon Turk, serve as inspiration for J.D. and Turk’s character names.

Jonathan Doris


Jon Turk



Lol, Doris.

13. Some extras eventually got speaking roles on the show after the nicknames the cast and crew gave them stuck.

Colonel Doctor


Snoop Dogg Intern


Dr. Beardface



14. Dr. Cox’s infamous nose flick is an homage to the classic movie The Sting.

15. Calling J.D. girls’ names as an insult is what John McGinley (Dr. Cox) does in real life to longtime friend John Cusack.

16. The framed picture of Ted’s mother in his office is Sam Lloyd’s real life mom.


17. Sarah Chalke was actually pregnant in season nine.

18. The episode of The Office where Pam finds out she’s pregnant is shot at Sacred Heart with different lighting.

19. “Eagle!” was something Zach Braff improvised on season one and has since became one of the most quoted tropes from the show.

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December 7, 2015
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20 Bits Of Trivia You May Not Know About “Scrubs”

1. The part of J.D. was almost played by Michael Muhney (Veronica Mars), but producers decided he wasn’t quirky enough. View this image › 2. Sacred […]
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