How Good Of A Friend Are You?

Well, are you?

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    1. 1 ✓ You have a best friend.
    2. 2 ✓ You talk to your best friend every week.
    3. 3 ✓ Every day.
    4. 4 ✓ You’ve randomly texted your friend just to say “Hi!”
    5. 5 ✓ When your friend asks for your opinion, you don’t sugarcoat it.
    6. 6 ✓ When you give your friend advice, they take it.
    7. 7 ✓ You take your friend’s advice, because it’s always good advice.
    8. 8 ✓ You don’t judge your friend when they make awful decisions.
    9. 9 ✓ You support your friends insane dreams and don’t tell them you think it’s stupid.
    10. 10 ✓ If your friend goes through a breakup, you’re their first call.
    11. 11 ✓ When your friend gets dumped, you immediately run over with chocolate.
    12. 12 ✓ When your friend gets dumped, you offer to murder that person (and you’re half serious).
    13. 13 ✓ You have a BFF locket or some kind of trinket to signify how much they mean to you.
    14. 14 ✓ You’d share your french fries with your friend.
    15. 15 ✓ You’d give your entire plate of french fries to your friend.
    16. 16 ✓ You know your BFFs favorite thing to drink.
    17. 17 ✓ You have that drink ready and waiting for them when they come over.
    18. 18 ✓ If a friend drunk texts, you text back immediately.
    19. 19 ✓ If a friend drunk calls and needs a ride, you go pick them up.
    20. 20 ✓ You miss your friend if you go a week without seeing them.
    21. 21 ✓ You miss your friend when you go a day without seeing them..
    22. 22 ✓ You’ve hugged a friend for more than a minute.
    23. 23 ✓ You’ve held hands with a friend.
    24. 24 ✓ You’ve taken a trip with a friend and your friendship survived the trip.
    25. 25 ✓ You’ve cooked a meal for a friend.
    26. 26 ✓ You’ve felt comfortable enough to cry in front of a friend.
    27. 27 ✓ You’ve held a friend while they cried on you.
    28. 28 ✓ You’ve swapped clothes with a friend.
    29. 29 ✓ You’ve swapped clothes with a friend and are not worried about giving them back.
    30. 30 ✓ A significant amount of your clothes now belongs to your friend.
    31. 31 ✓ A friend has given you a look, and you can understand what they’re feeling completely.
    32. 32 ✓ You send holiday cards to your friends.
    33. 33 ✓ You’ve sent gifts to your friends on their birthday.
    34. 34 ✓ You’d never flirt with a friend’s significant other.
    35. 35 ✓ A friend has told you a secret.
    36. 36 ✓ A friend has told you a very dark secret and you’ve kept it.
    37. 37 ✓ You and your friend have a shorthand that only you two understand.
    38. 38 ✓ You look forward to hanging out with your friend all week.
    39. 39 ✓ Your friend calls you first whenever anything goes wrong.
    40. 40 ✓ You’ve watched something you hate with your best friend, just because.
    41. 41 ✓ You and your best friend like the same terrible TV shows.
    42. 42 ✓ When your friend posts a new photo on Instagram, you immediately like it.
    43. 43 ✓ When your friend changes their Facebook profile photo, you immediately complement it.
    44. 44 ✓ When your friend comes over to your house uninvited, you’re excited to see them.
    45. 45 ✓ You’ve taken care of a friend when they’re drunk.
    46. 46 ✓ A friend has taken care of YOU when you’re drunk.
    47. 47 ✓ A friend has asked for your advice when texting a crush.
    48. 48 ✓ You happily continue to give advice even when they hit their twentieth draft.
    49. 49 ✓ You and your BFF have been friends for more than a year.
    50. 50 ✓ More than five years.
    51. 51 ✓ More than 10.
    52. 52 ✓ You can borrow money from your friends, and they know you’ll pay them back.
    53. 53 ✓ You know your friend’s birthday by heart.
    54. 54 ✓ You know your friend’s phone number by heart.
    55. 55 ✓ You know the name of the person your friend lost their virginity to.
    56. 56 ✓ You know all of the details about how your friend lost their virginity.
    57. 57 ✓ You’ve discussed your bowel movements with a friend, and it hasn’t grossed either of you out.
    58. 58 ✓ You’ve pooped while on the phone with a friend.
    59. 59 ✓ Your friend has pooped while on the phone with you, and it’s OK.
    60. 60 ✓ You know just by a friend’s tone of voice what kind of mood they’re in.
    61. 61 ✓ You have asked a friend, “What’s wrong?” because they sounded a little off.
    62. 62 ✓ If your friend is single on Valentine’s Day, you send them a valentine.
    63. 63 ✓ You know who your best friend’s nemesis is, and you hate them too out of solidarity.
    64. 64 ✓ If asked, you could say exactly what your friend’s been up to this week.
    65. 65 ✓ You know you’ll be the Maid of Honor or Best Man in a friend’s wedding.
    66. 66 ✓ You’ve secretly started writing the speech you’ll make at your friend’s wedding.

Show me if I'm a good friend!

How Good Of A Friend Are You?

  1. Friendship is based on trust, and building that trust is important to you. You probably have a small group of close friends, but you’re definitely loyal to those select few. (And they’re lucky to have you too!)

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  2. You’re a great friend! For you, friendship is a really important facet of your life, and you definitely like to make time for it. Whether it be a quick text to tell someone you miss them, or a hug that says it all for you, you’re definitely always there for someone else.

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  3. Um, hi, you’re basically the best friend ever! You’re fiercely loyal and so giving when it comes to your friends. If anyone ever tries to hurt them, you have their back. And because of that, you can bet that they’d have yours too! Way to be completely awesome. (P.S. Wanna be friends?!)

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