‘Next the furniture will contain wood’: Horse meat found in IKEA meatballs

Oh, dear.

Had to convince mum to let me have ikea meatballs for lunch because she was worried about horse meat #ohmum

— Leash (@elysiaparker) February 18, 2013

Oh, honey. Don’t you know that mama always knows best?

That’s right; Horse meat has been detected in IKEA meatballs and sales have now been halted in Sweden.

BREAKING: Ikea halts meatball sales in Sweden after horse meat found by Czech authorities.

— The Associated Press (@AP) February 25, 2013

What?! Horse meat in “beef” #IKEA meatballs? twitter.com/LukasTargosz/s…

— Lukas Targosz (@LukasTargosz) February 25, 2013

Twitter users polished up their spurs and hopped on their humor saddles. And away we go:

Ikea meatballs test positive for horse meat. Bad news for some, Great news if you’re a Dothraki fxn.ws/V0oadp

— Kimberley Olsen (@kimberleyolsen) February 25, 2013

Stunned to find Ikea have horse meat in their meatballs. Assumed they were made from couples who had become irretrievably lost in the store.

— Fraser Campbell (@FraserC69) February 25, 2013

Horse meat found in Ikea meatballs!? This just got personal.

— Sophie Brown (@Brownie_115) February 25, 2013

And to think, I’ve eaten those IKEA meatballs. To think, they’re actually ‘horse balls’. Wonderful…

— Adam Bradford (@Entre_Adam) February 25, 2013

When I bought an IKEA Horse set . I asked , Wheres the rest of the horse?” we dont know , its a secret “. #Ikeas twitter.com/TheAlPitcher/s…

— Al Pitcher (@TheAlPitcher) February 25, 2013

@danthemanwalker is absolutely gutted that Ikea meatballs have horse in #LOL Id have thought that was pretty obvious even before the scandal

— Lauryn Russell(@xxLoza_Bozaxx) February 25, 2013

Horse meat in my Ikea meatballs?! I want my $.99 back!

— Sourman (@mansouja) February 25, 2013

we’re speeding toward the 19th century… RT @theatlanticwire: Horse Meat Found In Ikea’s Famous Swedish Meatballs theatln.tc/13IrTLS

— Jeff Smith (@Jeff5mith) February 25, 2013

It is time to stop being horrified and just admit we love horse meat @jendcox: “@huffingtonpost Horse meat detected Ikea Swedish meatballs

— lane severson (@ljseverson) February 25, 2013

Horse in Ikea meatballs? They will be finding wood in the furniture next

— JamesLyons (@MirrorJames) February 25, 2013

Depending on which part of the horse they used, IKEA may not have deceived anyone about their meatballs.

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) February 25, 2013

Now wondering what’s in their particleboard @macleansmag: Horse meat found in Ikea meatballs manufactured in Sweden bit.ly/YumqZR

— Douglas Hunter (@DWHauthor) February 25, 2013

I’m confused about people’s shock at finding @ikea meatballs had horse meat. Isn’t that an upgrade from what you thought they contained?

— Ed Slott and Company (@theslottreport) February 25, 2013

Will IKEA shoppers be pleased to hear what was discovered in some of their famous Swedish meatballs? Nay. ow.ly/1SM2Gw

— Jim Lokay WCVB (@LokayWCVB) February 25, 2013

“@norickbrewer: So anybody wanna say anything about those IKEA meatballs with the horse meat in them???” // I love them?

— Leroy Lamar III (@leroylamar) February 25, 2013

Just found even my beloved Ikea Swedish meatballs were made out of horse meat! Maybe Ive never actually eaten beef, what does it taste like?

— Mario Mugan (@SuperMarioMugan) February 25, 2013

Horsemeat discovered in IKEA meatballs. If you buy enough of them, you can self-assemble a horse

— Michael Hogan (@michaelhogan) February 25, 2013

You can lead a horse to slaughter but you can’t make people think it’s beef. #ikea

— Stephen (@thatfunnyjew) February 25, 2013

Horse found in IKEA meatballs – not like them to include more components than you expected…

— Mark Wallace (@wallaceme) February 25, 2013

And, lesson learned?

Horse meat found in Ikea meatballs, i guess that’s what i get for buying meat from a furniture store…

— Dave Thurgood (@davidjthurgood) February 25, 2013

Couches, yes. Meatballs, nay.


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‘Next the furniture will contain wood': Horse meat found in IKEA meatballs

‘Next the furniture will contain wood’: Horse meat found in IKEA meatballs

Update: IKEA halts all sales of meatballs in Sweden after Czech authorities detected horse meat in frozen meatballs – @AP — Breaking News (@BreakingNews) February 25, […]
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