Sick: As donations for bullied bus monitor soar, twisted brats lash out!/jmacjr23/status/215972135775121409

It’s been a hellish roller coaster ride for our faith in humanity this week.

On Tuesday, a YouTube user uploaded shocking video of four middle school boys verbally tormenting their 68-year-old bus monitor. During ten minutes of profanity-laced abuse, grandmother of eight Karen Klein was reduced to tears. The psychopaths-in-training called her a child rapist , mocked her weight, and threatened:

If I stabbed you in the stomach, my knife would fucking go through like butter, because it’s all fucking lard.

Since then, thousands of strangers have donated $540,000 and counting to send Klein on vacation.

But there’s one more dip on this coaster. While most of us are saddened and outraged by the video, some people are more sickened by the outpouring of generosity.

Simply put if u donated or plan to donate money to that mongoloid bus monitor shitbag, u r equally as retarded. #fuckinfdummies

— GT Ivan (@gtivan) June 22, 2012


Jealous, pathetic and heartless. Some Twitter users claim she doesn’t deserve the money because if she’d been a better bus monitor, she wouldn’t have been bullied.

People realize that they are donating money to that bus monitor woman for being shitty at her job, right?

— Alex Sturtevant (@disconotdisco) June 20, 2012

*so now y'all gonna give her 100s of thousands of $'s & free vacations cause she couldn't do her job? i.e. keep the kids in line on the bus*

— DJ Impact (@djimpact) June 22, 2012

Others, like President Obama might say, claim there comes a time when bullied bus monitors have made enough money.

Still can't believe people are donating money to a "bus monitor" when TEACHERS take much more abuse AND could use some $$. Ridiculous.

— morrowland (@morrowland) June 21, 2012

Jesus Christ stop giving money to the bus monitor.

— Lady Bazness (@baznet) June 22, 2012

I think the kids who bullied the lady on the bus should be locked in a closet. But really, why are people sending money to the lady?

— Blaknsam (@Blaknsam) June 22, 2012

like, yeah it's sad that the old lady got 'bullied' by those kids on the bus but i think it's ridiculous that people raised money for her to

— e (@eric_lananna) June 22, 2012

Ok granted this bus monitor lady didnt deserve to get verbally abused by those pitney but lets keep it real. That money could go elsewhere

— Champion Bubbla (@ReddyBrukshot) June 22, 2012

I'm going to be a huge asshole. Listen guys, Karen Klein has enough fucking money to go on vacation. Donate to some other charity.

— WealthyPizzaLvr1993 (@Eyemahleigh) June 22, 2012

Other soulless gutter dwellers couldn’t resist heaping more abuse on Klein.

Was anyone else thinking in regards to the bus monitor "But she really is fat , those boys weren't lying?"

— Michael Botti (@mb92975) June 22, 2012

The abused Bus Monitor lady now has $500,000! She better watch it! Those little shits who harassed her may rob that old, fat, pathetic ass.

— Office Hooky (@OfficeHooky) June 22, 2012

well that bus monitor IS fat

— GARY BOBBY PRINCESS (@tom_hanks420) June 21, 2012


If anyone needs us, we’ll be looking at adorable baby animals for a while.

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