How Well Do You Know “Dawson’s Creek”?

  1. 1. What is Joey’s real name?

    1. Jolene

    2. Joseph

    3. Josephine

    4. Joey

  2. 2. Who does Pacey lose his virginity to?

    1. Jen

    2. Miss Jacobs

    3. Joey

    4. Andie

  3. 3. Pacey famously performs the “Braveheart” monologue for what purpose?

    1. A beauty pageant

    2. A talent show

    3. The high school production of “Braveheart”

    4. A local TV commercial

  4. 4. What is the name of the fictional town in which these wonderful WB kids live?

    1. Dawson’s Creek, MA

    2. Capetown, MA

    3. Seaside, MA

    4. Capeside, MA

  5. 5. When Dawson redecorates his room in the 3rd season (in an attempt to find his true self), what is the first new poster he hangs above his bed?

    1. A John Lennon “Imagine” poster

    2. A Rosie the Riveter poster

    3. An E.T. poster

    4. A poster of Albert Einstein

  6. 6. Who does Dawson lose his virginity to?

    1. Joey

    2. Jen

    3. Eve

    4. Andie

  7. 7. What was the final straw that forced Jen’s parents to send her away from NYC and to Capeside?

    1. She was jailed for underage drinking.

    2. She was caught having sex in her parents’ bed.

    3. They just don’t like her.

    4. She was caught at school with cocaine.

  8. 8. In season 3, who is the first person to steal the PSAT answers?

    1. Pacey

    2. Dawson

    3. Eve

    4. Andie

  9. 9. And who actually uses the stolen PSAT test to cheat?

    1. Andie

    2. Jack

    3. Pacey

    4. Jen

  10. 10. What is Jen’s main reservation about dating Henry?

    1. He may be her cousin

    2. She thinks he is in love with someone else (but he doesn’t know it)

    3. He’s too rich

    4. He’s too young

  11. 11. What does Pacey name his boat?

    1. True Love

    2. The Josephine

    3. The Ocean’s Heart

    4. Hope Floats

  12. 12. In season 3, what incredibly romantic gift does Pacey give to Joey?

    1. A trip to France

    2. A wall

    3. His mother’s necklace

    4. A star named after her

  13. 13. When Andie has her breakdown, what visions has she been seeing?

    1. Her mother

    2. Her ex-boyfriend

    3. Herself

    4. Her dead brother Tim

  14. 14. What is the name of the college Joey attends?

    1. Worthington

    2. Harvard

    3. Harvington

    4. Richmond

  15. 15. Who does Joey eventually end up with at the end of the series?

    1. Dawson

    2. Pacey

    3. Her college professor

    4. Neither

  16. 16. How does Dawson’s father die?

    1. Heart attack

    2. It’s implied that he commits suicide

    3. In a car accident involving ice cream

    4. Internal bleeding from injuries sustained from a fight

How Well Do You Know “Dawson’s Creek”?


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