16 Surefire Signs That Christmas Is Coming

1. Those lights that have been up since June?


Bloody ugly aren’t they?


Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images for New West End Company

2. You get excited by all the confectionery, even though it has been there since August.

3. But you haven’t bought an advent calendar yet.


There’s LOADS of calendars in stores right now aren’t there?

4. So you decide to buy one on December 1st.

Maybe your parents sent you one in the post?

Remember…. you could always get a Dairy Milk bar and add in the advent calendar squares yourself.

Or you could make yourself a Blue Peter advent.

BBC / Via youtube.com

5. But if you don’t want a coat hanger with some tinsel on to burn your house down, you could do THIS.

6. There’s this beast out. HIGHLIGHTER READY.

Your evenings now? Plastering the inside with notes.


7. Love Actually has also started on TV again. Don’t worry if you miss it. It’ll be on 4434 times.

8. You also decide to watch NOW Christmas, a channel dedicated to showing non-stop Xmas music.

You during the first ten minutes: “This’ll be loads of fun.”
After those ten minutes: “Death. I feel death. DEATH IS COMING.”

9. And of course… there’s the Xmas ads. TheToys R Us one is the only advert that will make your spine tingle.

They don’t even bloody show the animation these days. THE MAGIC JUST COMES FROM THE MUSIC.

View this embed ›

10. Another clue that Christmas is around the corner? The infamous Secret Santa. A hat is shared…

Two minutes later you IM your colleague…

You get someone like this in the draw.

Scott Bryan / @scottygb

11. You think that you will get them something AMAZING. Then you panic. You end up getting them this.

12. You’re gonna be like this at work from now on.

MTV / tumblr.com

13. You’ll also be hiding various nightclub tattoos.

14. And at least you know what to buy everyone.

15. And that you’ve got enough money to buy stuff.

But don’t be glum. Why? Because you can get…


It’s not like you’re excited about red cups, or anything.

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February 4, 2016
16 Surefire Signs That Christmas Is Coming

16 Surefire Signs That Christmas Is Coming

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