Wasserman Schultz tweets Obamacare thanks; Citizens: Uh. Costs keep rising

Bingo. As Obamacare turns 3, binders full of moochers are once again taking to Twitter to thank Obama for lady pills. Now, Debbie Wasserman Schultz enters the absurd mix. Wasserman Schultz, who just claimed her staffers are near starving due to Sequesterpocalygeddon, took to Twitter this afternoon to thank Obamacare as a “step forward in driving down health care costs.”

Oh, honey. Just precious!

Twitter users swiftly correct her. Words, like math, are hard. “Down”? Try “up,” Debbie.

@dwstweets Are you on crack? Premiums have more than doubled.

— Sam Mc Kee (@javaguysammckee) March 23, 2013

.@dwstweets 3 years ago I didn’t have to pay for the morning after abortion pill.

— Hair (@SHannitysHair) March 23, 2013

@dwstweets Don’t you mean driving UP healthcare costs?

— Kevin Roberts (@OfTooth) March 23, 2013

@dwstweets BS. my premiums have gone up so much in the last 2 years( 65%) I had to give up my insurance.

— Richard (@Whatareyounuts) March 23, 2013

@dwstweets my health care cost rose over $200 a month 3rd increase in 3 yrs. YAY! ACA WAS SUPPOSED TO LOWER COSTS! Why are they higher now?

— KJHobbs (@Kjhobbs1985) March 23, 2013

@dwstweets Then why is the average premium increasing by $2500? Why are medical care costs more now? #SheepGotFooled

— Richard ♫♪ (@RichbroMe) March 23, 2013

@dwstweets my premiums have gone up every year so who got the cost reduction? Not the middle class

— Rick Peeso (@RPeeso) March 23, 2013

@dwstweets really? Why have mine gone and are projected to go up 20-100% next year?

— Michael O’Hanlon (@Susurrate1) March 23, 2013

@dwstweets Health insurance premiums go up every year.$9000 out of pocket costs last year.How is ACA driving down costs?

— Matthew Luttman (@MatthewLuttman) March 23, 2013

If Ms. Wasserman Schultz simply took a quick look at Twitter, she’d see that the above Twitter users aren’t alone.

@cspanwj Health insurance at my work went up 15%+. So much for affordable. We need to vote Dem’s out of power.

— John D Wozney (@pajohn1934) March 23, 2013

@georgegamard a whole lot worse! Health insurance costs are going to skyrocket !! Mine already up 15%!

— Sheri(@GSDmom_22) March 23, 2013

Obamacare doesn’t kick in until next Jan 2014, but it’s already kicking my wallets ass, my family health insurance just increased by 40% mo.

— SJ Stewart (@floridastew) March 23, 2013

Since #ObamaCare passed my health insurance premium with @bluecrossmnhas gone up about 30%.

— End ObamaCare (@EndObamaCare) March 23, 2013

By the way, my health insurance went up! #Obamacare sucks…

— Brent Olson (@BrentOlson01) March 23, 2013

#Obamacare My Health insurance cost increased 25% because of the Affordable care act

— Russell A Leach (@Russell_Leach) March 23, 2013

Health insurance just went up 12%.Thanks, health care reform!

— Todd White (@twhitewh) March 22, 2013

Thanks, ACA? Try again, Wasserman Schultz. Since we are givers, here is some quick reading to get you up to speed. We know you can’t read a bill before passing it, but perhaps you will lower yourself to read about the effects after it has been passed. It’s not like you can read the 20,000 pages (and counting) of regulations,

You’re welcome.

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January 15, 2016
Wasserman Schultz tweets Obamacare thanks; Citizens: Uh. Costs keep rising

Wasserman Schultz tweets Obamacare thanks; Citizens: Uh. Costs keep rising

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