The 13 Most Ridiculous “Family Matters” Episodes Ever


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2. “Little Big Guy”

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“Urkel’s transformation chamber is going berserk. The nerd and flustered foil Carl are shrunk to two inches tall, and as a result must work together to dodge hazards such as rolling fruit and large house cats.”

3. “Aunt Oona”

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“Urkel’s shy Aunt Oona (Donna Summer) from Altoona visits. Harriette and the others help break Oona out of her shell – by taking her to a karaoke bar for a singing contest. Meanwhile, Eddie & Waldo need to win to pay for an accident caused by Waldo’s snowmobile.”

4. “Robo-Nerd II”

“Urkel revamps his Urkelbot into a crime-fighting bot, encouraging Carl to use the technology to solve a rash of convenience store burglaries. Meanwhile, the Winslow women get a nasty surprise when the new shampoo that they ordered causes them to go bald.”

5. “Boom!”

“Urkel makes friends with an orangutan, who is doomed to a life of scientific experiments. Meanwhile, Carl and Lt. Murtaugh try to defuse a bomb hidden in a treadmill, booby-trapped by a revenge-seeker named Nitro Newton (a.k.a. “The Boston Bomber”).”

6. “Father Time”

“Steve and Carl use a time transporting device to travel back in time. In spite of Steve’s warnings not to tamper with the past, Carl leaves a note for himself to make investments in stocks that will skyrocket. When Carl and Steve return to the present, they find out that Carl is the richest man in the world, worth about $247 billion. Unfortunately, they also find out that Carl hasn’t hugged Estelle in years, that Harriette is divorcing him, and that Eddie and Laura were never born.”

7. “Surely You Joust”

“Carl and Urkel get into a feud, and decide the only way to settle their grievances is to compete on American Gladiators, thanks to Waldo’s cousin American Gladiator Sabre.”

8. “Stevil”

“A ventriloquist’s dummy, which looks exactly like Urkel, comes to life and terrorizes the Winslows, and Steve must stop it.”

9. “Stevil II: This Time He’s Not Alone”

“The follow-up to last season’s Halloween episode “Stevil”, an evil ventriloquist dummy that looks just like Steve. In this episode, Stevil is accompanied by Carlsbad, an equally evil dummy that looks like Carl.”

10. “Nunsense”

“Urkel, offended that his privacy had been violated, tells Myra to get lost when she presents him with a nude drawing of himself. The next morning, Urkel learns that Myra is going to a convent, causing the nerd to assume that she plans to join. He quickly enlists Eddie and Waldo to dress as nuns to find Myra and get her to reconsider her joining the nunnery. Of course, she had gone there to visit her aunt, but none of this comes out in the open until the guys are nearly arrested. Meanwhile, Carl becomes annoyed of Harriette’s habit of leaving her wedding ring on the soapdish (located very close to the bathroom sink) when she puts on makeup.”

11. “Original Gangsta Dawg”

“O.G.D. (Urkel’s hip-hop cousin from Detroit, Michigan) has an unwelcome visit to the Winslow household while Steve is away visiting his uncle. Little does O.G.D. know is that he’ll need the Winslows’ help on evading a titanic thug (known as Fresh Squeeze), to whom he owes $4,000.

“Note: Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott makes a cameo appearance in this episode performing “Sock It 2 Me” from the album Supa Dupa Fly at a club featuring Da Brat. Jaleel White played a triple role as Steve Urkel, cousin O.G.D, and Stefan.”

12. “A Pirate’s Life For Me”

“Urkel and Carl go back in time on board a 1700s pirate vessel, where they are made to walk the plank after Urkel accidentally drops his time travel watch overboard. Can they escape back to their present time before they become sharkbait?”

13. “Lost in Space (Part 1)”

“After NASA buys the patent to one of Urkel’s inventions, he’s sent into space with a pair of astronauts to test it out. However, Steve’s invention unintentionally causes a nearby satellite to crash into the space shuttle, and before long he sends himself hurtling through outer space. Meanwhile, Harriette (worried for the well-being of rookie officer Eddie) demands to have him assigned to giving out tickets for parking meter violations.”

14. “Psycho Twins”

“Urkel invents some ‘snooze juice’, which is intended to help police officers easily apprehend criminals. The potion is demonstrated at a professional wrestling event, and The Psycho Twins (one of whom is Carl’s old high school friend) accidentally drinks the snooze juice, So Steve & Carl have to fill in for the Real Psycho Twins in the ring, The tag team’s opponents, the WWF’s Bushwhackers, find out Carl is one of something they hate; cops, which spells trouble for Urkel and Carl.”

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The 13 Most Ridiculous “Family Matters” Episodes Ever

Update This post has been updated to properly attribute quotes to Wikipedia. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_article_update_time_3540077”).innerHTML = UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(‘2014-08-06 11:45:22 -0500’, ‘update’); }); 2. “Little Big Guy” […]
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