‘Emotion is not leadership’: Sarah Palin tweaks Obama, Bloomberg


Sarah Palin took the stage at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Houston, Texas, this afternoon wearing a “Women Hunt” T-shirt and left soon after to a standing ovation. (The Right Scoop has the video.)

@sarahpalinusa speaks about freedom at #NRAAM Leadership Forum twitter.com/NRA/status/330…

— NRA (@NRA) May 3, 2013

Sarah Palin wore a “women hunt” shirt at the NRA convention. twitter.com/hreins/status/…

— Hillary Reinsberg (@hreins) May 3, 2013

Sarah Palin just pulled out a tin of Copenhagen on stage at the NRA convention #WhyWeLoveHer #Palin2016

— Mr. Maryland ⚓ (@AnnapolisPrep) May 3, 2013

“Women hunt” certainly doesn’t seem to be that controversial of a statement, but we’ve seen before just what sort of hateful comments (and even death threats) a photo of a woman and her hunting trophy can inspire.

Quick where’s a drone when you need one, NRA and Sarah Palin all at one meeting

— Alan Barnes (@GeneralistAlan) May 3, 2013

Literal advocates of murder RT @kasie: “This fight is about what kind of people we are.” — Sarah Palin at NRA Convention.

— Todd (@HealthStudent) May 3, 2013

@sarahpalinusa speaking to the @nra convention reminds me how much we need ObamaCare’s mental health coverage NOW! @republicanswine

— McBiff (@McBiffing) May 3, 2013

@sarahpalinusa if ya think shooting wolves from a helicopter is a sport & giving guns to 4 year olds is ok, you are effin’ sick.#NRA

— Hank Kelly (@DiggerDoggg) May 3, 2013

Sarah Palin tells NRA group her son Trigg’s nickname is Trigger.She said I have his father narrowed down to 12 guys

— BTP (@BringinThePain) May 3, 2013

No doubt #sarahpalin you are a flat out shit truck #NRA #gunskill #redneck

— Tim Scott (@Ralphyboy6Tim) May 3, 2013

The pro criminal, pro violence organization we know as the #NRA is having a convention? That moron Sarah Palin spoke at this thing.

— David Veloz (@David747Heavy) May 3, 2013

@sarahpalinusa Shame on you, you call yourself a mother. I thought you were a bit thick,uneducated, but your link with #NRA shocking

— christine hindhaugh (@chozzy1) May 3, 2013


Apparently Sarah Palin is speaking at some NRA convention. Consider the number of fucks I give to be exactly…ZERO. #loser #irrelevant

— Beth Anne Riches (@Luvrte66) May 3, 2013

#NRA + Sarah Palin = epitome of American ignorance and idiocy

— Andy Borenzweig(@Andy_Borenzweig) May 3, 2013

Palin’s speech was less than 15 minutes, but she managed to fit in jabs against the poodle-skirted lapdog media, emotional exploitation of gun violence victims, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s runaway nanny state and more.

“Emotion won’t make anybody safe. Emotion is not leadership.” @sarahpalinusa #NRA

— RedBrightandTrue (@RedBrightandTru) May 3, 2013

“We’re fighting the good fight. A fight for the Constitution. This is a fight for freedom.” @sarahpalinusa #NRA

— RedBrightandTrue (@RedBrightandTru) May 3, 2013

Sarah Palin says Pres. Obama exploits tragedy, flying around Newtown parents. #NRA #NRAconvention

— Edgar Zuniga Jr. (@edgarzuniga) May 3, 2013

@sarahpalinusa #NRA Big gulp reference! Uh oh! Lol! Pulls out tobacco product to tweak Bloomberg again.

— David Fair (@davidfair) May 3, 2013

Sarah Palin to NRA: “My hero, the late great Margaret Thatcher” also understood the co-dependency of freedom and morality.

— James Hohmann (@jameshohmann) May 3, 2013

Sarah Palin says media hasn’t covered Abortion doctor Kermit Grosnell case, “helping freedom destroy itself” in the process. #NRA

— Edgar Zuniga Jr. (@edgarzuniga) May 3, 2013

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‘Emotion is not leadership’: Sarah Palin tweaks Obama, Bloomberg

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