Food stamp fraud all the rage on Twitter!/SheSoDamBadd/status/193011362992107520

Food stamps aren’t just a hot topic on Capitol Hill and among presidential candidates. They are also a much-discussed topic on Twitter.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food stamp trafficking is illegal:

One of the most common forms of food stamp fraud, known as food stamp trafficking, involves the illegal buying or selling of food stamp benefits for cash, drugs, weapons or other items of value. Unlawful possession or use of food stamp benefits in an amount of $100 or more is a felony; less than $100 is a misdemeanor.

Yet many Twitter users openly discuss the purchase or sale of food stamps:!/GoodIntentionZ3/status/193010312667074560!/jay_marae/status/193038855719497728!/BB_STONE/status/193035188899553280

Gotta buy some food stamps by tomorro

— TeamTyran (@HisObsession__) April 19, 2012!/SheNice614/status/193033685799403520

Who got some food stamps for sale?

— Chill. It's Shawn. (@TrySomeSarcasm) April 19, 2012!/UZURI_MICHAELS/status/192814575782084609

Who got food stamps for sale?

— Brandy (@brainsxbeauty) April 19, 2012

 If you love me,let me sell yo food stamps an keep the profit.

— ستان (@StanTheMvn) April 19, 2012!/omghesaidthat/status/193007488654782464

RT if you've purchased FOOD STAMPS from #OOYF or FBF

— Regular Ol Irv (@iBeeks_83) April 19, 2012

@KocoSoPretty shit nothing just on the block trying to sell these food stamps

— KING D (@TAMPA_DREADHEAD) April 19, 2012

Who got FOOD STAMPS fa sale #SeriousTweet

— Ej Smith (@Ardor69) April 19, 2012

If you think the above tweets are isolated examples, take a look at the “Related Tweets” widget to the right of this post, above. In all likelihood, you will see many more Tweets discussing the purchase or sale of  food stamps.

Meanwhile, David Wessel of the Wall Street Journal points us to a Congressional Budget Office analysis showing that one in seven Americans is now using food stamps:

One in 7 Americans using food stamps. CBO infographic

— David Wessel (@davidmwessel) April 19, 2012

Those one in seven Americans will be pleased to read Tweets like these from Congressional Democrats:

Telling Headline: "House Republicans to slash food stamps" (Politico: #ContinuedChaos

— Jim McDermott (@RepJimMcDermott) April 17, 2012

I challenge any Rep who supports the #budget to live on food stamps for 5 days, then decide if SNAP should be cut

— Jackie Speier (@RepSpeier) April 18, 2012

30,000 families in my district would see 11% cut in food stamps in Sept under Republican proposal

— Sandy Levin (@repsandylevin) April 18, 2012

As for the six out of seven Americans who do not use food stamps, well, they may still have some misgivings about the program:

#YouKnowWhatAnnoysMe when I see a lady with a coach, guess, or juicy purse.. And she's buying groceries with food stamps.

— Yvette Salcedo (@vetteeee) April 19, 2012

one thing that annoys me is when someone has food stamps or goverment aid and they smoke squares and weed and have their nails done.

— Elf2010 (@FML_Dx) April 19, 2012

Finally, no food stamp round-up would be complete without this little tidbit:

Michigan woman who collected food stamps after winning $735,000 lottery charged with welfare fraud: -CC

— The Associated Press (@AP) April 18, 2012

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Food stamp fraud all the rage on Twitter

Food stamp fraud all the rage on Twitter!/SheSoDamBadd/status/193011362992107520 Food stamps aren’t just a hot topic on Capitol Hill and among presidential candidates. They are also a much-discussed topic on Twitter. According to the […]
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