When A Young Lion Was Attacked, Two Lionesses Stepped In… The Photos Are Breathtaking.

A young male lion living on Cheetah Plains in South Africa got in over his head… and it could have resulted in his death. He picked a fight with an older, bigger male lion. What happened next will surprise you, because it looked like the lion should lose…

A young male lion was seen fighting an older male; he was bloodied, but doing his best to stay alive.

Whether the young male was fighting for territory or rank, he was in a fight that he couldn’t possibly win.

The older lion was much larger, landing blow after blow.

As the fight raged on, the young lion’s fur became even more saturated with blood.

He was losing energy… but two lionesses from his pride noticed his plight.

Soon, the older lion landed a strike to the young lion’s head.

The challenging lion was obviously dazed, shrinking down while the older male reared up and attempted to land a fatal blow.

At the last minute, the two lionesses keeping watch jumped in an saved the young male from being executed.

They swatted at the older male, making him back off of the youngster.

The two females defended the little lion, telling the older male to pick on someone his own size.

After the fight calmed, the bigger lion checked on the younger male…

And soon wandered away, stopping by a nearby watering hole for a much-needed drink.

We have a hard time believing this wasn’t Simba and Scar fighting. Source

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