19 Reasons You Do Not Want To Mess With Fiona On “American Horror Story: Coven”

1. Because she looks like a badass when she smokes a cigarette.


2. She’s always dishing out a death glare.


3. She has a discerning eye when it comes to fashion.

And isn’t afraid to show it off.

4. She won’t let you forget who is boss.

5. Fiona also has a nasty sense of humor.

Get it? Because she’s a witch?

6. You better not waste a minute of her time.


7. I mean, just look how she struts.

The world is her catwalk.

8. She loves to take charge of a situation.

9. She looks intimidating when she wears black.

Which is always.

10. Her Halloween costume WILL be better than yours.

Don’t even bother trying.

11. You know she won’t have any of your complaining.

12. Her idea of yard work is INTENSE.

Because ZOMBIES.

13. You better listen up when she’s speaking.

14. She will drink you under the table.

15. She knows she is the best.

She loves to toot her own horn.

16. She gives out murderously good decorating advice.

Like the witch version of Martha Stewart.

17. Basically, she always speaks her mind.

18. Lesson learned: don’t cross Fiona!

19. Or she’ll have you burned at the stake.


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