16. Budweiser: Wazzzzup?

Sure it inspired millions of wanna-be “cool dads” to repeat it ad nauseum, but any commercial that turned into a legitimate cultural phenomenon on the level of “Gangnam Style” deserves inclusion. Also I bet Psy shows up in a Super Bowl commercial. Just culturally relevant enough to seem hip, but already too late to really make sense. The last gasp of stardom.

15. NFL: Sitcom Football Fans

Kramer’s a Bills fan? I’m sold.

14. Volkswagon: The Force

This is just perfect. Amazing use of Star Wars. Charming as hell. Captures the wide-eyed wonder of childhood. Now that’s a great commercial.

13. Budweiser: Frogs

It’s shocking how simple this is considering the impact it made. Brilliant.

12. Budweiser: Bud Bowl

It’s bottles of beers playing football. I’ve never needed anything else in life.

11. Budweiser: Lizards

Maybe somewhat controversial to put the lizards above the frogs, but the ferret assassin is just so weird that it seems more fitting on an Adult Swim show than in a Super Bowl commercial. That gets it the nod.

10. Gatorade: Michael Jordan vs. Himself

This is like the Jurassic Park of commercials. The CGI still holds up even though it seems like it should look terrible by this point.

9. XEROX: Monks

A classic with a simple clever concept that gets extra credit for having the low level monk best the old, jerky monk. That makes the me still dealing with having survived 12 years of Catholic school very happy.

8. McDonald’s: Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird HORSE


7. Master Lock: Marksman

The ad that saved America from a band of gun-wielding locker thieves. Thank you, Master Lock. Thank you.

6. Diet Pepsi: Michael J. Fox’s New Neighbors

It stars Michael J. Fox trying to seduce multiple ladies using Diet Pepsi. Only Marty McFly has enough charm to make this work.

5. Monster.com: When I Grow Up

Remember when the Super Bowl commercials were made up of a ton of dot-coms from the late ’90s tech bubble? Interesting that one of the ones who survived also had the best ad.

4. Budweiser: Clydesdale 9/11 Tribute

This ad only aired once. And considering it’s about horses bowing, it’s shockingly moving.

3. Reebok: Terry Tate Office Linebacker

The “Terry Tate Office Linebacker” commercials aren’t “commercial funny.” They’re legitimately funny. It’s a huge difference and it’s why this is so high on the list.

2. Coca-Cola: Mean Joe Green

This would be the number one on the list if it weren’t for the fact that it didn’t premiere during the Super Bowl. It did air during one though, so it qualifies with a slight deduction. It’s sweet and wonderful. One of the NFL’s meanest “scary” guys showing his soft side.

1. Apple: 1984

The commercial that brought Super Bowl commercials to a whole new level. It treated advertising like a movie and it helped make Super Bowl advertising must-see TV. It takes the crown.

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August 1, 2016
The 16 Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

The 16 Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

16. Budweiser: Wazzzzup? Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=UDTZCgsZGeA. youtube.com Sure it inspired millions of wanna-be “cool dads” to repeat it ad nauseum, but any commercial that turned […]
August 1, 2016
Couldn't agree more.

Couldn’t agree more.

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August 1, 2016
“There’s Nothing To See Or Hear” At Hillary Clinton’s Book Signing

“There’s Nothing To See Or Hear” At Hillary Clinton’s Book Signing

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August 1, 2016
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