After the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, after four Americans were slaughtered, Hillary Clinton looked the American public in the eye and claimed that a YouTube video was responsible. There were cracks in that narrative from the very beginning. But this morning, Gregory Hicks, Deputy Chief of Mission at the embassy, delivered a final, devastating blow.

Hicks testified that Clinton had called him at 2 a.m., while the attacks were underway.

Did he just say he talked to Hillary that night?

— RB (@RBPundit) May 8, 2013

Hicks says he told Hilary they would need to evacuate, to which she agreed. Still no mention of any offensive video #Benghazi

— Kira Ayn Davis (@KiraAynDavis) May 8, 2013

Mr. Hicks:About 2 AM Hillary called me and asked me what was going on and I briefed here on developments.

— Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) May 8, 2013

That’s right. Clinton knew what was going on. She knew.

Not until 2AM did Sec. Clinton ask what was “going on” in #Benghazi. – #BenghaziHearing ~ twitter.com/adamsbaldwin/s…

— Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) May 8, 2013

@uniteright Hicks deserves an award. His honest, professional testimony is riveting. Nice to hear the truth! Hillary knew at 2AM that night!

— Kinger (@Pipercop8511) May 8, 2013

It’s also worth noting that Hicks said Ansar al-Sharia had claimed responsibility for the attacks on Twitter:

Hicks notes several times that they had monitored Twitter feeds sharing info about Ansar al-Sharia control of hospital. #Benghazi

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 8, 2013

Twitter had terrorists claiming responsibility for #Benghazi. If Obama used Twitter for news & not posting pics of himself, he’d have known.

— Razor (@hale_razor) May 8, 2013

Hicks testimony confirms: Attackers were clearly al Sharia terrorists, not protestors (as Obama/Hillary claimed). NO help sent. #Benghazi

— Garrett Humbertson (@G_Humbertson) May 8, 2013

And, after all that, she, Susan Rice, and others continued to push a bogus narrative.

Hillary Clinton personally spoke to the guy on the ground (Hicks) and still tried to blame a video?? MY GOD. #Benghazi

— RB (@RBPundit) May 8, 2013

How did Hillary come up with blaming it on a video despite knowing EVERY SINGLE DETAIL from Hicks? #Benghazi

— Your Redness (@mchastain81) May 8, 2013

Nearly 90 mins of testimony, not 1 mention of a demonstration. Hilary spoke to Hicks at 2am. Admin pushes video. Perjury charges? #benghazi

— RyanMoore (@_iamryanmoore) May 8, 2013

So Hicks spoke DIRECTLY to Sec of State Hillary Clinton. She knew it was an attack. She knew the desperation. She lied. #Benghazi

— Melissia For Real (@ProudoftheUSA) May 8, 2013

While watching Hicks’ testimony, remember Hillary Clinton told a bullshit story about YouTube videos to families of the dead.

— John Hayward (@Doc_0) May 8, 2013

Hillary Clinton stood in front of the flag draped caskets of dead Americans, lied and blamed a YouTube video. No shame. #benghazi

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) May 8, 2013

And now we know why Obama and Hillary wanted to keep hicks under wraps.

— DrewM (@DrewMTips) May 8, 2013

Yep. But the truth will not say buried. Not anymore.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/05/08/greg-hicks-i-briefed-hillary-on-benghazi-that-night-clinton-continued-to-blame-video/

November 16, 2016
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